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2014 Award Winners

2014 Award Winners


Supreme Award

Winner: LSE Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

thumbnails-LSEThe LSE, with its high level of ambition and sophistication, was the clear Supreme winner for the judges. They were blown away by its dynamic character and the standards this building now sets for the future of brick. The architects, O’Donnelll + Tuomey, have created a masterpiece of a building which creates a whole new language for brickwork which architecture has never seen before.

The building, which is located in London’s “city of bricks”, uses the complex space to its advantage by creating a light, spacious and delightful environment for the hum of student life to occur. The exterior uses a staggering 175,000 handmade bricks to create both solid and perforated areas, with the latter allowing light to both infiltrate and, at night, filtrate to create a beautiful pattern effect.

The judges would like to congratulate the entire team that worked on this building as it is a fine example of what brick can be.

Architect’s Choice Award

Winner: Rockbourne Mews

thumbnails-rockbourneRockbourne Mews is a small sustainable community compromised of 3 houses arranged around a shared outdoor space. The initiative of this project is great with the angles and brickwork sections working well to create a private, yet spacious environment. The husband and wife team have worked extremely hard to make this project as sustainable as possible which the voters were extremely impressed with.

The brick chosen for this project creates a light and airy habitat for its dwellers, even during the winter months, and also complements the London stock buildings which surround this gorgeous mews. Voted by over 150 registered architects and students.

Best Housing Development 1-5 Units

Winner: House in Wapping

thumbnails-house-in-wappingThe Architects have followed the brief flawlessly to create a stunning family home which directly responds to the domesticity of contemporary living. This is a building of real architectural quality which has been extremely well considered from macro to micro scale. It has been finely crafted and constructed and fits very well in its context in Wapping, surrounded by Georgian brick buildings.

The architect and client have clearly had a very successful working relationship here as they are both extremely happy with the end result.

“Demonstrating brick’s potential as a material for residential construction. A well-executed and well-built family home, an absolutely stunning building of real architectural quality.”

Housing Development 6-25 units

Winner: The Quay, Waterside Phase 1

thumbnails-quayThis is a sophisticated and successful attempt to redefine estate housing. This historical gloss to the housing makes sense when seen in the context of the High Street with its eclectic mix of classical and vernacular buildings developed over many centuries. The development is also successful in the way it addresses the water course with the overlooking of the basin at the heart of the development.

In this project, the spaces between the houses is as important as the buildings, and its considered approach has created a real sense of community and belonging.

Housing Development 26 units or more

Winner: Abode

thumbnails-abodeAbode at Great Kneighton is an interesting and inventive scheme which encapsulates an intriguing range of house types  and urban spaces. This is a clever response to a complex site which includes a large scale roundabout and changes from urban to rural across the depth of the site. The judges commented on the extraordinary layout of the site and the interesting and appealing use of snap headers in decorative panels used throughout the site.

The brick used is fundamental to the design, character and success of Abode and is used extensively to articulate scales, accentuate entrances and elevations and is used alongside other materials to denote shifts in density and typology.

“A exemplary development, utilising the landscape well, with a well thought-out layout which fits superbly into its surroundings.”

Volume House Building Award

Winner: Barratt Developments

thumbnails-bentley  thumbnails-horizonsthumbnails-trumpington
Barratt Developments have, yet again, shown that they can consistently design and build high quality projects, making great use of brick as their core material of choice. Bentley Priory, Horizons and Trumpington Meadows each show distinctive architectural qualities in terms of contextual surroundings and brief.

Horizons boasts great open spaces, Trumpington Meadows enriches a humbleness in the design and Bentley Priory cleverly integrates the use of pre-cast brick arches and contrasting bricks add great areas of interest to the development.

Barratts’ high quality response to Volume Housebuilding is leading in a forever demanding market.

Best Commercial Building

Winner: Davies Street

thumbnails-daviesImmaculately executed detail – indistinguishable from hand set brick, other than through regular panel to panel joints. Nonetheless, the very thin 10mm joints between precast panels are highly successful.

Davies Street has all the architectural integrity and beauty of a hand set masonry building built by craftsman. The rich palette of materials, including soft red bricks and natural stone reflect the surrounding context of Mayfair.

The building is adjacent to Claridge’s which features exceptional carved red brickwork, and there is a respectful dialogue between the two buildings.

Best Public Building

Winner: Customer Service Centre Library

thumbnails-customer-serviceCustomer Service Centre + Library is a well-designed building which sits well in its immediate context, and provides a valuable resource for its neighbourhood. The quality and use of brick detailing is high and consistent throughout and its solid structure is beautifully put together and well executed.

Vertical brick ribbing on the buildings external facade creates an interesting aesthetic and contributes to the overall beauty of the project. The architectural quality is powerful in terms of spatial and light manipulation.

Best Education Building

Winner: LSE Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

thumbnails-LSEThe architectural quality of this building is outstanding and it is evident that everyone involved in the execution of this project has been bought into the architects vision. The building challenges the conformity of bricks and mortar and breaks boundaries at every level. The use of a bespoke blend of bricks knits well into the buildings brick surroundings, yet uses it in a strange and captivating way allowing the building to be both rooted and yet truly individual.

This is an honestly outstanding piece of design and construction, which has created one of London’s most interesting buildings.

Best Refurbishment & Renovation Project

Winner: Ace Hotel

thumbnails-aceThe judges thought that this was a very high quality refurbishment of the former Crowne Plaza Hotel in London’s developing Shoreditch area. Universal Design Studio have now created an active street frontage and a very welcoming hotel lobby where one just wants to stay!

The new Ace Hotel has been transformed and has proved a real success with the owners, not only within the hotel but with daily visitors to the hotel’s lively lobby.

The Blue brick used has created a “uber-cool” feel which, with great craftsmanship, creates a sleek and modern look.

Best Outdoor Space

Winner: Reading Station

thumbnails-readingOn visiting this project the judges thought the station to be the worthy winner of this category. The station comprises a number of walls which flank an underpass and the lower levels of the station. The walls are finished in a variety of bricks which have been well laid and present a pleasing finish. The space shows accuracy, consistency and technical competence. The precise nature of the sawtooth brickwork required great detailed design.

The judges thought the choice of bricks on this project complemented each other appropriately and congratulated the precision of workmanship by the bricklayer.

Innovative use of brick and clay products

Winner: LSE Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

thumbnails-lse-innoThe judges called this project a real “Tour de Force”! Its innovation and outstanding quality is seen extensively throughout. This project is brave, ambitious and forward thinking for brick and for architecture.

The use of exposed soffits and shallow floor plates allows for an almost completely naturally ventilated building and its raked facades, acute angles and warped skins add to its uniquely ambitious and unrelenting inventiveness. The internal organisation unravels around a generous central staircase which has too, been seriously thought about. The judges found it easy to migrate through common areas up through the building, with genius spaces for unexpected glimpses to the street below.

Specialist Brickwork Contractor of The Year

Winner: Lee Marley Brickwork

The three projects illustrate a great diversity in building aesthetic without compromising the style and quality of the brickwork. The judges were thoroughly impressed with the precision and accuracy which consistently ran through all projects.

The judges commented that Eton College was “a technically demanding project carried out with great skill and ingenuity”, whilst Reading station was “skilfully clad in tiles and bricks, demonstrating a high degree of accuracy and precision”. The judges thought that Bromley Road had a “beautiful rhythm” and the “attention to detail was second to none”.

Best Craftsmanship Award

Winner: Eton College

thumbnails-eton-craftsThe brickwork contractor has proved themselves to be masters of their profession with this technically demanding assemble of brick and stone. The work has been carried out with infinite care and skill and the end result sees a beautifully crafted building. The technical virtuosity demanded by the project is of the highest order, to which the team has responded magnificently.

The architectural expressions of the buildings; brick and stone arches and stone columns can only succeed if the workmanship is immaculate, which it is.

Best International project

Winner: Dalkey Avenue

thumbnails-dalkeyThis single house is very much part of its Dublin surroundings but also echoes the language of modernist brick masters in both its detailing and the sculptural quality of the house. The house sits alone and is a complete design within itself.

The Irish element is also evident with the thick masonry walls and the well laid joints exceptionally wide; 25 to 30mm showing an Architect who has collaborated with the client and builder to construct a unique property of lasting quality.

The building is also adaptable, being able at a future date to be part of separate tenancies if required for an extended family. The front bay windows are a significant part of the design, overlooking the estuary and ensuring the fantastic location is realised from within the house.

Worldwide Brick Award

Winner: Parkstad Rotterdam

thumbnails-parkstadParkstad Rotterdam impressed the judges with its splendour and sophistication. Its inspiring elevations are elegantly precise and the use of protruding masonry ensures a non solid expression which the architect desired. There are three different coloured bricks on the facade of the building which works extremely well in the urban environment that the building is set.

“A winning building which demonstrates long term durability and beauty.”

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